Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat

Source: USA, Russia, Canada, Brazil, India, Mozambique, Namibia, Austria

Amazonite is an excellent stone to provide protection from electromagnetic energy from things like microwaves, cell phones, computers, etc. It is also useful for illnesses caused by oversensitvity to environmental influences and electromagnetic smog. Amazonite allows you to see both side of an argument and reach your own conclusions, supporting self-determination. It also helps to release grief from the emotional body allowing for overall emotional balance. It facilitates constructive expression of what has formerly been left unsaid. 

Amazonite & Clear Quartz Bracelet

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  • Your crystal can be cleared, charged, and infused with Reiki energy by a Reiki Master prior to you receiving it. We will charge your crystal for a full 24 hours so it receives the energetic benefits of both the sun and the moon. Infusing the crystal with Reiki energy will help to amplify it's energetic properties. There is a small upcharge for this of $10. 


    Crystals should be cleared and charged on a routine basis to properly work for you. For more information regarding clearing, charging, and activation of your crystal, please see our "Rock Your Wellness" page on this website.