Chakra: Root, Past Life

Source: USA, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Venezuela, England

Hematite enhances personal magnetism. It can heal anger and hurt felt by those who were warriors in previous lives, supporting those who face a karmic battle in the present life. Hamonizing mind, body, and spirit, this effective grounding stone removes excess energy and separates your emotions from those of other people. Worn on the right in right-handed people, it shuts down metaphysical awareness. On the left, it allows metaphysical faculties to remain open. During out of body journeying, Hematite protects the soul and guides it back into the body. Strongly yang, it balances meridians, redresses yin imbalances, dissolves negativity, and protects the aura. It enhances survival ability, and it draws attention to unfulfilled desires that drive your life. Assisting with coming to terms with mistakes as learning experiences, it helps face the shadow side of your personality. It is also an excellent booster for memory. Hematite should not be worn where inflammation is present or for long periods of time.

*40mm Sphere


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